What is Epically?

Epically is an industry newsletter for Modern Ageing Sector with an Aussie flavour.

Epically is an industry newsletter for the newly forming 'Modern Ageing' industry, set up to help draw more visibility to the players, the activity and the opportunity associated with modern over-50s. It’s a passion project, for the betterment of the industry, and I invite you to get involved and help me shape it into a conversation about the opportunities and gaps in the modern ageing market, and the way business is changing to fill them.

This platform is an opportunity to bring together those of us who are interested in helping people live longer, better quality lives, and form up a dynamic ecosystem of founders, funders, C-suite, people from traditional and new-age businesses addressing over-50s, scientists, subject matter experts, academics, marketers, agencies growth experts and more. If you’re serving modern ageing - please, be part of the conversation.

Each fortnight in this newsletter I’ll bring you insights into and a better understanding of how businesses are addressing the problems and opportunities around modern older generations. It will grow and adapt over time if the market embraces and shapes it with me. Remember - it’s a passion project and I’m super passionate but passion requires other voices to prevail.

Email me if you have insights, valuable stories to tell, innovations people will want to hear more about, or a point to make (no spam press releases though please only dedicated pitches). We’ll gradually form up a structure that brings this newsletter to life with you, the modern ageing industry and your over-50 customers at the heart of it. Heck, we might all find ways to collaborate here too.

I invite you to sign up and be an active part of the modern ageing community - whether you’re a representative of an ASX 200 business, a not-for-profit, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a cruise company, a health business or a retirement community. Together we will explore the opportunities to help people live longer, better lives.

About me, Bec Wilson

My name is Bec Wilson. I am the principal consultant at Epically. Epically is a business designed to advise on and grow the modern ageing sector by helping businesses understand and address the consumer properly. I provide marketing consulting, business growth advice and market research to companies of all sizes.

This newsletter is my passion project to grow the industry connections within the modern ageing sector.

I was Founder and CEO of Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 for almost 10 years before stepping way to do more in the modern ageing sector to really help businesses grow and succeed. I’m a company director, adviser, commercialisation and marketing consultant and entrepreneur. But best of all I’m curious. And I want this industry to grow and become better understood, for the benefit of all of us who are getting older.

I invite you to sign up and be an active part of the modern ageing community - whether you’re an innovator, an entrepreneur, a scientist, a cruise company, a health business or a retirement community. Together we will explore the opportunities to help people live longer, better lives.

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Please, pass this on to your friends and colleagues and invite them to join Epically too, so they can be a part of the conversation around creating longer, better lives. Maybe, just maybe we can do it together!.

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More about Bec Wilson

Our Founder, Rebecca Wilson provides high quality strategy, growth, marketing, and commercialisation advice to businesses in the ageing space, helping them with product strategy, research, growth advice and marketing campaign strategy and execution management as an Adviser or consultant. She also works on a selection of boards for companies in the modern ageing space. Want to know more? Visit becwilson.net.

What is Modern Ageing?

Modern aging refers to the changes in the demographic and societal landscape that have occurred in recent decades, including dramatically increased life expectancy, a growing older population, increasing wealth thanks to superannuation, shifts in the needs and wants of people aged 50 and over, and shifts in the way older individuals are perceived and treated. This has led to new opportunities and challenges for individuals, communities, and society as a whole. With advances in medical technology, older adults are living longer and healthier lives, and have more opportunities to pursue their travel and lifestyle aspirations. However, they are also facing new issues such as social isolation, financial security, personal lifestyle aspiration, preventive health, and access to healthcare. Understanding the needs of the modern ageing and addressing these changes presents great opportunity to both businesses and consumers.

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